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Dealers and Stockist  :  Industrial IBR Valves,  Process Control Instruments, SS and HT   Fasteners,  HSS Carbide Tools and  Precision Measuring Instruments.

General Hardware Washers Screws Nuts & Bolts
Hand Tools General Tools Spanners & Wrenches Gripping Tools Cutting Tools Marking & Measuring Tools
Taps Drills & Dies Taps Drills & Dies
Precision Measuring Tools Precision Measuring Tools
Guages Pressure Guages Temperature Guages Flow Meters
valves & fittings Valves Pipes & Hoses Fittings
Couplings Couplings
Safety Products Safety Products
Chains & Cables Chains Sprockets Wire Ropes & Cables Ropes & Slings
Power Tools Power Tools
Aviation Tools Aviation Tools
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